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May 11th 2007 as reported in the BBC:  “One in 10 web pages scrutinized by search giant Google contained malicious code that could infect a user's PC.”

It has not gotten any better since then.

There is no way around it - if you are operating a computer with internet access then you will need to be protected from all the many bad ”things” that are seeking to harm your computer.

Everything you have ever heard about the “bad stuff” that can get on your computer through e-mail or the internet is mostly true.  Please refer to our Freeware page for more details.  We recommend that you use at least one form of protection but two would be a safer bet.  Vendors such as McAfee, Norton, or TrendMicro offer products that will run in the background, unseen by the user but offering full protection for your computer.  Unfortunately these vendors are  susceptible to attacks that are specific to their products and because of this a second form of protection is also recommended.  This second protection (should) can be run manually at the users whim to try and catch anything that has slipped past the first line of defense.

If you have not heard this yet let it be said; nothing in life is Free - When Downloading Freeware of any kind please be aware of any Free Applications that might be Pre-checked for download as well.

Buying Spyware and Virus protection is like buying wine; buy what you can afford.  Spending $30 for a year of protection is less then 9 cents a day.