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Ever get chain mail?  Ever get an offer that is “to good to be true”?  Ever get e-mail that contains words that are blatantly spelled wrong?  Do not believe everything you read off the Net, here are a few sources of information (not controlled or endorsed by ACK). 
When in doubt use your favorite search engine to ask! - or ask us.

Hoax Info:
Symantec (Norton)
Urban Legends

Did you know that keeping all you mail can really slow down Outlook Express, Outlook, and most other mail clients? - At least put them in separate folders by category.
Did you know that you don’t have to keep a copy of every mail you ever sent?
Did you know that you do not have to keep every piece of mail you ever received?
Did you know that you can usually set up more then one account - if you are shopping and you are afraid that you will get junk mail if you give a vendor your e-mail but he won’t sell with out it - then give him you special account.  It’s a valid address but you know 99% is going to be junk that you can delete without even opening.
Did you know that you should never open an attachment from someone you do not know or trust.
Did you know that sending a half dozen pictures attached to an e-mail might not cause problems on your end but they might send an error message to the recipient.  To make your attachment smaller you can use the compression utility that came with your operating system  or download a free  service such as PK ZIP, WINZIP, or StuffIT.
Did you know it is bad manners to forward e-mails and e-mail attachments without editing out all those other sender addresses?
Did you know that not all your friends share the same sense of humor and so you should probably pick and choose who you pass your joke mail to.  The same goes for politics, “art”, and those really cute animal pictures that you now use as your wallpaper!

Pay close attention to the Subject line; is it misspelled, are there capital and lower case letters mixed together, is it a sentence or phrase that makes no sense.  If there is a logo such as your bank or mortgage company might use but it is fuzzy or the wrong colors or has run on words associated with it.  These are classic warning signs of a fraudulent e-mail.

Talk to your provider, they are going to be the most help here.  AOL, HotMail, Yahoo, even TDS, can help you set up your accounts as well as give you the basic training you’ll need to use your e-mail option with confidence.  Once you are connected to the internet you can also Google something like “using e-mail” and get a very comprehensive set of instructions.  Click here to learn about Safe Surfing techniques.

If you do get “bad” mail from somebody pretending to be your bank or any other trusted site take some notes and contact the real agency by phone and report the problem to them.