Pirates of the CD

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By now most of you have probably heard of or perhaps have been given pirated software.  This can include movies, music, documents, software programs, and everybody’s favorite - video games.

Sharing music with a friend is not wrong.  Making money from it without permission, is. 

Blatant piracy, that is; the copying of a movie or video game with the idea of selling it is wrong and a bit dangerous for the consumer.  If it can be proven you knew it was pirated you are an accomplice.  If the pirate put a little something extra on the CD or DVD then you could pay, and pay, and pay some more when you go to play it on your computer. 

The folks that author viruses, spyware, and all the many degrees of malware and adware want it spread out as much and as soon as possible, using pirated programs will help their cause.