About ACK ...

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ACK Computing 454 South Main Street
Northfield, VT 05663

802 485 4352

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Why “ACK”; no real mystery here; ACK = Andrew Bothfeld, Chris Bradley, and a whole lot of Knowledge

Of course some might think more in terms of, “ACK!!, my computer hates me!”

With a combined expertise covering more then 40 years; ACK has all the tools necessary to help you right here in our Northfield office.

Our Mission Statement is pretty straightforward:
We would like you to be productive or at least have fun when working with your computer.
We would like your computer to not be that “Black Box” on the table.

Computers can bring the world and its news to your doorstep, help organize your home or business operation, provide an education, provide a forum, offer a global market place, or just keep you in contact with your family and friends. Learn to use yours with confidence and get the most from what you own!